Here is the list of major features that PROCESIO's team released by the end of August:

Crash Course

Each newly created user will have from now on access to the first chapter of our crash course.

Users will find the crash course directly in their personal workspace upon account creation.

New Platform Actions

Amongst others: Read JSON file, XPath ~XML Mapper & XML Update, Zip & Unzip, Scripting (Js), Pdf Actions, Parse JSON, Generate GUID  etc

Force Stop

Being able to stop your running instances, be it because you noticed that there are still modifications needed or for other reasons

Duplicate Process

Don’t start from scratch, instantly Duplicate your work.

Workspace Administration

We have introduced two new roles (owner & co-owner) and the ability for these two new roles to create & provision workspaces for the account they represent. Companies can now administer & segregate resources (processes/ credentials/ users etc) according to needs.

Execution time for Resource tracking

Execution time is now the metric to count your subscription consumption.

Call API v3 Action

Call API Action to support different body formats: form-data; binary; x-www-form-url-encoded


Were split into two different tab: Recet & History. Any instance older than 5 minutes will be moved to the History Tab.

Switching Instances at one click distance

Form within Instance detailed view, switching from one instance to another was made possible via the newly added leftside instance selector.

Instances are now available directly from Canvas. From the Right Side Bar users can now access intances via the instace button.

Decisional Action

Supports now case names on it’s branches. For adding this hit on the decisional & configure the case/ branch. The name of the branch will become visible directly on canvas.

Custom Action Designer

Design your custom actions decorators without having to write code. Once your decorators are set, copy-paste the generated code.