If you are trying to understand what the fuss is about the Automation of business processes, you have probably already encountered multiple concepts (RPA, IA, no-code, low-code, iPaaS, ESB, ETL/ELT, hyper-automation, iOCR, IDP, etc.), and you are wondering what it is about and why you should care.

All software is somehow inspired by humans, possessing Execution, Language, Vision, Thinking & Learning capabilities to different degrees.

Vendors and analysts are coining new terms in order to convey as easily as possible what the purpose of a certain type of technology is, how it can help, what are the capabilities are, and where to use it, but, apparently, the confusion only keeps growing.

To cut through the noise, we need to go to the root of it all: software! Then, we need to understand where it is going with all this! Read on and we will answer all that.

Why does software exist?

Think about it for a second! Why do vendors create software and why are people using it? What is the fundamental problem solved by all software? Why did it appear and why did it expand so widely so that, now, there is always software all around us?

The software exists to eliminate the need for humans to do something manually so that they create business value. Let that sink in for a few seconds. Every software that you can think of serves that basic purpose. It does something that humans don't have to do or couldn't have done manually.

Simply put: all software is about automating manual work.

Check out here a nice example of  software classification by type and purpose: https://www.educba.com/what-is-application-software-its-types/

As manual work is being replaced by software, new opportunities arise and humans address manually until the software can replace that manual work and the cycle continues and evolves - there will always be repetitive manual work.

To make matters complex, there are too few people for the available jobs, too few software developers to build software, and there is a big skill gap to solve problems & deliver solutions for widespread problems that companies face. All that while manual work grows inside companies.

The software has evolved, providing solutions to current business challenges, creating new categories of software, and addressing particular sets of challenges. This is all changing at a rapid pace.

Where is it all going?

Due to Work From Home/Remote Work, people being able to work from anywhere, anytime, companies are embracing the cloud and vendors are going cloud. We predict that even operating systems will be web-based in the next 10 years.

Everything will be in the cloud!

You will not need to care about the infrastructure or the hosting (learn more on why infrastructure is important: https://www.capterra.com/resources/it-infrastructure/)!

You will need to care only about delivering business outcomes for your business.

The software will always be required to be customizable to a certain degree for individual businesses, and manual work will always be required as processes evolve and businesses transform. Companies and employees will always be in a constant flux of change. Always improving, always making operations more effective and competitive to drive business value for clients, the business, and employees.

We are living in the Future of Work! (check out below our video on the topic)

This will also bring new sets of challenges:

  • Need to have Cloud software that addresses the current and future needs of organizations;
  • Cloud solutions need to be usage-based (check this fresh new article from HFS: https://www.horsesforsources.com/bpo-shift-to-outcomes_092722/), tied directly to the value received by the business using the solution (usage translates directly to value, as without bringing value usage will drop, so this puts pressure on the vendor to deliver value for the money);
  • Need for software that can Automate business processes, acting as a glue for all software in the company's IT landscape;
  • Software needs to be easily maintained and scaled, so that it does not break and it works as a part of the whole;
  • Software needs to be intelligent, flexible, and versatile;
  • Software needs to be able to deliver automation, but also to be able to build software on top of it.

We need to look more profoundly at Automation and Intelligent Automation!

Future? Now!

We bring you: Cloud Intelligent Automation or shortened CIA!

Cloud Intelligent Automation is the natural evolution of software, rising from need and demand, from the pain of not having, and from businesses' demand for growth. It is a response to workforce migration & lack of resources, to clients demanding perfection, and to competition becoming more intense across industries.

It is not Intelligent Automation as you may already know it!

CIA is not just about Automation, Cloud, or just Intelligence. It is about delivering business value for the future: robustly, scalable, and with the available human resources.

CIA is Intelligent, not because you can use it for IDP or iOCR, orchestrate RPA or integrate software, use it for business logic or backend, but because it can do all that and more!

CIA is a visual software development environment in the cloud, using no-code, low-code, and full code to deliver value for businesses!

PROCESIO is the new generation of software, bringing Cloud Intelligent Automation to the world!