YES! PROCESIO 2.0 is here to stay.  

PROCESIO's product development team did a great job and here is a list of features for PROCESIO 2.0:

1. Document Designer - the table phase

Our Document Designer was upgraded to generate tables based on dynamic data.

2.  Credentials Side Panel on your fingertips

Refactored Credentials view, in order to have a uniform behavior across the entire PROCESIO platform. Creating credentials, is now available in side panels.

3. Variable Refactorization - easier is better  

PROCESIO 2.0 introduces Search bar in the variable menu and filters for variable types. Also,  variable auto-assign behavior within action configuration was added in this release.

4. SQL Server credential + Action

PROCESIO 2.0 introduces MS SQL credential as well as the following 2 actions:
A. Execute query, which enables users to query an MS SQL database, and receive the query response back in PROCESIO
B. Execute command, which enables execution of custom commands on a MS SQL database

5. Right Side Bar - always a need to have

Introducing the Right Sidebar which allows users to access Credentials manager/ Data model/ webhooks directly from the canvas.

Additionally, it allows side by side configuration of actions while having the variables menu opened. This eases the overall experience of building a process.

6.  Autogenerate DataModel from JSON

Ability to automatically generate a Data Model starting from a JSON. Tree-view structure for Data Models (possibility to view complex data models in a hierarchy)

7. End Process Notifications - yet another notification in town

Ability to receive notification in relation to how a process instance finished.

8.  User starts with a predefined Process/ Credential/ DataModel

Each new user starts with an already pre-built functional process with the aim of boosting their learning curve. The process leverages actions such as Call API, JSON mapper as well as a document template.

On top of it a guided tour explains how to run this process.

9. Workspace Management - for those who want more

Enables enterprise accounts to have multiple Workspaces using PROCESIO 2.0.

10.  New Date/Time Action

New actions that support converting strings to date and vice versa

11.  New Excel Action

Excel actions that supports formula insertion within an excel workbook/ spreadsheet/ range.

Excel actions that supports copy/ paste range