Adrian Erimescu, Growceanu: „Any business that is close to an investment round can significantly reduce process automation and data-processing costs”
  • PROCESIO iPaaS technology facilitates the automation of operations, regardless of   industry
  • 90% discount for the PROCESIO technology to any start-up that applies for funding through the Growceanu platform
  • PROCESIO offers flexibility and a premium user experience, with a minimum learning curve

Timișoara, March 2022. Growceanu, the business angel platform, signs a strategic partnership with the start-up PROCESIO, which facilitates the optimisation of development costs for any of the start-ups in the platform’s portfolio. Any business that is close to a financing round can benefit from a 90% discount for the PROCESIO no/low code technology to optimise processes or carry out data processing and tailored integrations.  

PROCESIO is a no/low-code and full code platform, developed by Ringhel, that was officially launched in August 2021. PROCESIO technology has been created for companies that need to develop automation or tailored integrations or to process data fast, at a low cost, regardless of industry. With PROCESIO, all business processes are centralised on a single platform where business logic can be developed – making it far easier to monitor, develop, scale, and modify processes.

The Growceanu team has implemented PROCESIO both to optimise internal operations and to develop the processes behind the business angles platform which was launched at the beginning of March 2022.

"This partnership is the opportunity we needed to quickly and efficiently implement and maintain a series of processes and integrations essential to our platform and easily adapt them to future business requirements. The fact that these services, so useful to us, are now offered at a very generous discount to the start-ups we work with is also an excellent opportunity for them to digitalise processes without requiring expensive technical expertise" Adrian Erimescu, Co-Founder of Growceanu
Adrian Erimescu, Co-Founder of Growceanu
"PROCESIO emerged as a result of our need to grow and scale quickly. Today, with PROCESIO, you can automate operations in different industries - energy, logistics, e-commerce, insurance, finance & accounting – it applies to all departments, with broad use-cases. As far as we are concerned, everything is a process - as the name we have chosen for our technology shows. Therefore, we can also create advanced chatbots, for both internal and external communication. PROCESIO’s distinctiveness comes from how flexible and easy it is to use for any process, thus offering a premium user experience and a minimal learning curve" Mihai Dârzan, Founder of PROCESIO
Mihai Dârzan, Founder of PROCESIO

About Growceanu

Growceanu is an investment platform founded in 2018. Until now, Growceanu has facilitated investments in companies such as Bright Spaces, xVision, EmailTreeAI, Kinderpedia, (Sitter), Milluu, Oncochain, Teleport, Metabeta, Telios, Ulpia, Upgrade Education (Upgrade Academy), Sypher, Plateaway, The Growceanu platform mainly targets startups in PropTech, EdTech, SmartCity, Enterprise, Marketplaces, FinTech, and MedTech, based on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Data Science, Digital Mapping, IoT.


PROCESIO is a no/low code and full code platform suitable for any company, regardless of industry. PROCESIO makes process integrations and automation as well as data processing ten times faster. The founder of PROCESIO technology is Mihai Dârzan, with over 15 years of experience in end-to-end automation of business processes. Mihai is also an internationally certified expert in energy quality, with extended knowledge about the internal and external electric energy and natural gas markets.