Spring is almost here and we're looking forward to another month of exciting developments around our platform and in our community! Here are the spotlights for the month of March:

1.  Generate documents using the Document Designer

2.  Orchestrate RPA unattended bots

3.  Automate inventory workflows - Community Meetup #7

4.  Support for Ukrainian startups


PROCESIO allows to integrate applications, automate workflows, and process data up to 10x faster than by coding from scratch. Do you want to become an Operations Architect or an Operations Developer? Sign in to your account and start building!

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Generate documents with the Document Designer

If you are working with invoices, contracts, offers, reports, policies etc, the Document Designer allows you to dynamically generate PDFs using data from your processes 📝 First create a template and then add the data as variables in any paragraphs, tables or fields in your document.

Follow this guide to get started.

Orchestrate RPA unattended robots

Happy to share we support RPA unattended bots orchestration 🤖

A bot orchestrator allows you to automatically enable/disable bots according to custom schedules, monitor bot activity, and analyse outcomes, among other things. Here's a quick guide to get started.

If you are working with UiPath robots,  have a look at this use case  which will take you step-by-step to set up an integration with bots.

Automate inventory workflows - Community Meetup #7

How can you manage inventory levels between storefronts, update stocks, warehouses and ERPs, sync requests and receipts, and automate ordering and fulfilment processes?

This time at the Community Meetup we’ll show you how to employ automation in Logistics and E-commerce in a fast, flexible and scalable way, without having to invest heavily in developers ⚡️️

As a bonus after the event all participants will be able to ask for a free business process audit for potential identification of no/low-code implementation for commercial purposes.

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Support for Ukrainian startups

We are saddened about the latest developments in Ukraine. As a sign of solidarity with startup founders from our neighbouring country finding themselves a in a difficult position to keep their businesses afloat, we’ll be offering access to any of our plans at no cost to keep their operations running until the situation improves.

Also, we’ll be providing office space at our HQ in Bucharest for startups/ founders that have reached Romania and need a place to work.

If you find yourself in this situation or know anyone who is, write to us by replying to this email or spread the word.


What are the main differences between Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Modelling and Notation (BPMN), Business Process Management System (BPMS), intelligent Business Process Management System (iBPMS), and PROCESIO?

Our colleague Raluca has put together an in-depth comparison and outlined the pros and cons of each method if you are looking for the right structure to optimise and streamline business processes. Check out her findings here.

Get inspiration and support on Discord

Our Discord server is a place to share ideas, ask questions, and get support or feedback for the processes you are building in PROCESIO. Join the conversation with other members in the community and start building today!

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That's it for now. We appreciate being with us on our journey to make automation and integration easier for everyone.

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