This is an adapted transcription of the NoCode Wealth Podcast E123 by Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc. published on March 24, 2021

My guest today is Marian. Marian is a no-code evangelist and CEO at PROCESIO, an enterprise-grade no-code software and automation platform. Marian, how did the idea come to be? What is the story and how did you learn there is a need for no-code process automation on the marketplace?

The idea came from our founder Mihai Darzan sometime in 2018 when he was planning to expand the software business of our mother company RINGHEL to companies outside our HQ country Romania.

The core product of RINGHEL is an ERP and CRM for the power and gas industry. The main challenges we faced were scaling from legacy software and adapting to different markets and regulations.

We came up with the idea to configure and assemble software instead of building it from scratch using traditional hard-coding methods.

We looked at service-oriented architecture compared to monolithic architecture, and we wanted to develop something that is industry-agnostic and that anybody can use to build any type of software.

This is how PROCESIO was born, as a start-up inside RINGHEL.

So our goal now is to build an easy-to-use enterprise grade no-code tool that employees of large organizations as well as founders or makers can use.

I knew Mihai for a while, and I loved the vision and idea of this project. I joined the team first as a Product Consultant, and later I started building the team we have now and taking the lead as CEO.

Perfect, thank you. What is the difference between the enterprise-grade software that you can create with PROCESIO compared to any other no-code platform?

For 2021 we are focusing on business process automation and empowering people to create the backend of any software. But our vision is greater than that. We will offer frontend building capabilities as well, and other unique features that we will announce over the coming months.

We make it possible for people to build custom applications within the security and policy restraints of their companies, small or large. Right now we are cloud-based but we will also make it possible for clients to build an application on premises.

Thank you. So your bigger vision is to empower people to create any custom software, and the short term objective is to focus on process and workflow automation. Since your focus is enterprise-grade, would you say there is a need for increased security?

Yes, either on cloud or on-premise, we cover security for the applications that users build with PROCESIO.

Also, an enterprise software needs to be scalable, customizable and not depend on the vendor. Based on our research and discussions we had with enterprise representatives, these are some of the most important aspects for them. They need a solution that does not depend on context, and this is our focus, allowing our clients to tailor PROCESIO to their situation.

In order to achieve this, we developed a powerful feature inside PROCESIO called Custom Action, which allows for scalability and customization. At the same time, users can call APIs, or expose an API that they can connect to the platform.

Thank you. Who would you say is your tool is best suited for?

As we start up this year, our focus will be technical founders, makers, developers, business experts, and agencies that need a method to build a backend for any type of software.

On the long run, we’re focusing both on the people mentioned before and also on enterprises.

Think of PROCESIO as a tool that integrates other systems and creates an ecosystem around it.

Thank you. What is it about PROCESIO that people could benefit from and not find on the market already?

One major feature which we are making available in 2021 is the ability to fully build a backend process faster and with less resources than through a traditional coding method.

A visual development tool like ours helps business professionals greatly to implement a working prototype and final product themselves, and it allows engineers to focus on more important tasks on their side.

You said that a technical developer will be able to build things faster and with less resources using PROCESIO. Can you explain why that is important?

Timing is everything. You might have a good idea, and a powerful team, but if you don’t sync at the right time, you risk failing. You need to be able to adapt quickly to market changes.

Technical founders often have the dilemma of choosing between a no-code platform or classic coding.

A no-code platform might prove weak since they need advanced customization options. But going manual might take too long and the iterative process can become lengthy. PROCESIO allows them to combine both the power of no-code and low-code to create custom apps.

You mentioned it will be possible to build a front-end as well with PROCESIO. Can you give more details?

Yes, as of 2022 we will offer front-end building capabilities, including a UI builder, with a simple drag-and-drop interface and building blocks including inputs, text fields, radio buttons and more complex components, with a focus on events and triggers.

Thank you. If people want to explore more and test PROCESIO, what is the best way to get in touch?

We are now in pre-release phase and we are launching privately on March 31st. We are providing access to people in batches throughout the next months, as we are just working on building a community that would like to test and try out the new tool. For getting access to the launch we put up a private sign-up form here.

We will also provide a knowledge base and documentation as well as respond to requests directly to make sure we understand what users think and want from the platform.

Later on July 1st this year we will also launch publicly.

Thank you very much for your time and success with the launch.

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