Good news coming from our no-code journey.

We have successfully closed a seed funding round via SeedBlink and raised €645k in capital.

This will allow us to fully set our growth plan in action for the coming period:

  • Build a customer success team
  • Strengthen the development & product teams
  • Build an implementation team to support the implementation partners
  • Externalize the creation of Custom Actions, to scale faster connectors & integrations that are available in PROCESIO

This late seed round comes as a precursor to our first seed round in Summer 2020 when we raised €650k.

We thank our hard-working team and the investors who back our vision for building software and automation with no-code and low-code.

Why no-code and automation

PROCESIO's Romanian mother company Ringhel, founded by Mihai, has been developing ERP & CRM software for power and gas companies since 2011.

From the beginning, the primary objective of Ringhel has been to automate business processes. At the moment, Ringhel provides software to more than 50% of power companies and more than 20% of gas companies in Romania.

PROCESIO took shape in 2018 as a natural development from our team at Ringhel to create software more efficiently using pre-built components and automation.

Our vision is to morph from a ERP/ CRM niche player in the energy industry to a global player in the no-code and low-code space.

In the context of the acute global need for software, the main issues are interconnection of data, data silos, and process automation.

PROCESIO wants to address these pain points by allowing users to build custom software visually without coding, and by differentiating itself from the competition with the following features:

  • Custom actions: enabling users to extend the platform's capabilities through Custom Actions, so that they do not have to wait for us to provide certain features
  • Visual testing: validate that a process runs as intended by testing each action visually
  • Post-run visual debugging: inspect each instance for any process to identify problems visually

PROCESIO is targeted at:

  1. Business analysts, non-technical personnel, and enterprise employees, who can use the platform to automate processes using pre-built components
  2. IT professionals, developers, software integration companies and independent software vendors, to build components that require technical knowledge, and keep Shadow IT under control

For both types of users, the platform is a collaborative environment.

Would you like to learn more about how you can empower your business experts to build custom software and workflows without code? Send us a quick mail with your case and we will be glad to get in touch with you.